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@ 2023 MWE Japan / Ohmplus Technology Inc.'s Booth Number is M-13.

We proudly announces its participation in the 2023 MWE Exhibition in Japan from November 29 to December 1.

We will still highlight our core technology in the fast measurement and automatic calibration of phased array antenna , OHM+Fast and its derived product of Fast Group Testing System with applications ranging from low-earth orbit satellite, semiconductor testing supply chain to 5G communications.

We invite all attendees to visit our booth to explore how our innovations can drive business growth and efficiency. For more information, pleas contact us to arrange a meeting. We can't wait to meet you at the 2023 MWE Exhibition to explore collaboration opportunities.

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行政院國家發展基金創業天使投資方案成果發表會將於2023年08月23日(三)的14:00起,於國家發展委員會617會議室(100台北市中正區寶慶路3號6樓)開始,活動預計共2小時。 歐姆佳科技很榮幸地也被邀請(共12家由創投公會邀請並統一安排)於此會中,就公司IPO規畫、合作方式、募資計畫、核心產品等發表簡報,而617會議室外廊廳亦有安排小型展覽。

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