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Who we are?

  • We are the technology pioneers of Fast Measurement & Automatic Calibration for MMW array antennas!

  • We provide full professional and high-quality services according to the needs of customers or the market!

  • We adhere to the business philosophy of customer-oriented and service-oriented!

  • We want to do our part in the MMW industry!​

Eng.: Welcome

Ohm+Fast is our self-developed  technology, an algorithm for array antenna measurement and calibration


Eng.: Services


  • Our technology was transferred from Prof. Hsi-Tseng Chou and his team from the Telecommunications Institute in National Taiwan University.

  • Ohmplus Technology Inc. was established in Mar., 2021.

  • We applied this technology to the measurement architecture of MMW array antennas, and designed a complete Fast Measurement & Automatic Calibration service successfully.

  • Our service can be integrated with the existing array antenna or RFIC testing production line or system, which can not only reduce the testing time to reduce the cost, but also maintain the high yield rate of production.

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